What is Lighting Design?

Much like a movie director and a set designer need a cinematographer to enhance and bring their vision to life on film, a great lighting designer can take the vision of your architect and interior designer to a whole different plateau.  A lighting designer choosing lighting fixtures, specific bulbs and lens optics for each area and application.  Beam spread, the lighting angle and color temperature are all factored into the design.  This process takes an intimate understanding of a room’s aesthetic and function combined with a deep understanding of the shifting technology options of today’s lighting fixtures and products.


As DES had already been doing lighting control for years, it made sense to add professional lighting design to our list of services as well.  In 2014 John Rogers Design merged with DES to lead this new initiative.  John Rogers is an award winning lighting designer and degreed interior designer with 25 years of experience.  His artistic talent and attention to detail made this a perfect fit.  Many Arkansans have enjoyed John's work at the Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock.

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